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About Us

CGN Preform is a committed company based in North Rhine-Westphalia, located near Cologne. We specialize in the production of PET preforms (hollow bodies) for different types of packaging, in particular bottles. 
We also supply PP preforms. 

Preforms from the CGN preform production program are used primarily in the areas of pharmacy, cosmetics, detergents, healthcare and food.

... and our preforms - Made in Germany

As a successful manufacturer of preforms, we manufacture exclusively on high-end injection molding machines from Husky - at our location. We want to do justice to our ambition to supply our customers with a high preform quality Made in Germany.

Proven standard - Innovative new developments

With our versatile and field-tested hollow bodies, we supplement the extensive product ranges of our customers with safe and hygienic PET packaging forms. 
We are also happy to advise you on new products with different preform geometries. 
Careful product development, modern and precise injection molding technology, our own toolmaking, proven logistics and certified quality management pay off in our tailor-made solutions as well as in our standardized products. 
Curious? Then get to know us and our products!

The preform shape of plastic bottle prod
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